The Adventures of HulaGirl & RockABillie | New Adventures on the Harley | #BillEveInLove

Bill and I have been testing my biker mama skills of late on the motorcycle. So far it’s AWESOME. It did take some thought and planning to figure out how to make it work with my disabilities though.

First was how to get my Sticks of Badassery attached to the bike. I can’t actually sit on the bike the whole time — though I admit my boots look damn good when I do.

44516085_10216690026828355_8209296031674793984_nFashion Interrupt: Searched online and off for months before we found biker boots at the Visalia Harley shop. My first intention was to get Dr Martens. Totally disappointed to learn they are no longer made with bouncing rubber soles. …  bah.

So the search for boots that were hella durable and met my fashion standards took a bit of time.


So first up, Bill and I had figure out how strap them walking supporters down. That meant a car ride to a Fresno Harley shop. Bill bought a luggage rack for the back. A helmet for me was on the shopping list as well. Also, we purchased headsets so Bill and I can communicate easily when on the road. … and sing along together to music we love.

Well, he sings. I’m not exactly sure what it is I’m doing other than caterwauling with joy. 

The headsets were an important addition that Bill insisted we have installed. This way if I needed to take a break or felt unwell (aura of a seizure) communication was far easier than shouting into the wind.

That and I’m Autistic with selective mutism … totally complicates verbal language.

What that actually means is my verbal words can *poof* at any given moment. During these times I usually communicate with typing or some ASL. (Bill is learning.)

I also have certain vocal tics when this happens, and other patterns that Bill can easily recognize these days. So sometimes speaking with words is not in my capability, but we still communicate.



Our first motorcycle ride together. 

Before any ride, we pre-think the destinations and my capabilities. The Sticks of Badassery are great for short distances, slow meandering, resting and stretching.

The limitations?

The Sticks are not able to launch me long distances, boost endurance and definitely make walking and carrying a cuppa coffee terribly difficult. So with that in mind destinations are chosen with forward thought.

And with Bill, there’s no pressure about anything. If I’m capable of being somewhere five minutes or 2 hours — he’s OK with the uncertainty and early departures.

We went somewhere. We did something. We were together. We are together. Those are words he uses to reassure me when I feel bad we had to leave another event far earlier than wanted.


So for now, we’re testing my endurance and abilities for rides.

We started with some trips about town. Now we make longer trips throughout the Central Valley and nearby mountain areas. The latest was to an Apple Festival in Springville.

Bill and I were able to see a few booths, have lunch with his daughters (squee) and then I hit my limit. So we rested in the shade, enjoyed the weather and outdoors before hiking a leg over the Harley and riding back.

For the Record: I fell asleep on the way home.

Yup. That can totally happen.

Longer trips in the future are being thought about. I dream of seeing Arizona soon.

For those rides far away we’ll need to invest in a hitch and trailer to bring along my wheelzchair.

That’ll be even more badass. 


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